Professional Global Etiquette provides training of business protocol and etiquette for companies and employees pursuing success and personableness. PGE was founded to assist you online and offline with all the information you need for global business practices, etiquette, entertainment, value systems, gestures and greetings (we also love sharing fun history and cultural information).


You know who thought burping was cute and fist bumping was cool?  I did and was I completely wrong!  At the age of 21 and in business, I did not know better and only followed the pattern of those around me at work. I have experienced the uncomfortable feeling when you are not sure the expectation required during a business meeting or lunch. I know first hand the embarrassment of doing something wrong and not even realizing it until it is too late. As I grew in business, I understood that I needed to learn quickly business etiquette and proper protocol so I did not continue to make a fool of myself. 
Now at 56 years old, I can look back at younger me and realize that if I was taught right from the beginning of my business life, I would have had more business success at a younger age.  The good thing is that it is never too late, and I can now share my horror stories with you! 
Since my younger years, I have served on numerous boards and committees, and have attended countless dinner meetings, events and presentations.  I have become an International Etiquette and Protocol Consultant, graduating from the Protocol School of Washington.  I have taken a variety of leadership skills, attended three nine-month leadership programs, served on many communities and business boards. 
I want to teach everything I have learned in the past 35 years, along with the new skills that I have worked so hard to acquire, such as body language, event planning, leadership & management and communication & listening. I am qualified to teach everyone from young students to corporate America. I bring knowledge, humor and my personal stories to workshops, and I will tailor programs to fit your needs.  I promise not to burp during the presentions. (or at least I will try not to burp) 


We know etiquette training is critical to your personal and business success, and it’s our goal to help you achieve and manage it. Speak with wit and charm - PGE offers your organization the ability to learn and practice etiquette and protocol within a safe and fun environment.

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