Professional Global Etiquette provides training of business protocol and etiquette for companies and employees pursuing success and personableness. PGE was founded to assist you online and offline with all the information you need for global business practices, etiquette, entertainment, value systems, gestures and greetings (we also love sharing fun history and cultural information).


I have been in business for over 35 years working in my family's distributorship as the Corporate Vice President.  I am thankful for my success and all that I have accomplished.

During this time, I have served on numerous boards and committees, and have attended countless dinner meetings, events and presentations.

I have experienced the uncomfortable feeling when you are not sure the expectation required during a business meeting or lunch. I know first hand the embarrassment of doing something wrong and not even realizing it until it is too late.

This made me realize that protocol and etiquette were the skills I was lacking. It was time for me to advance my career and education by attending The Protocol School of Washington.  I graduated in April of 2016 and have since then continued my studies and have earned my degree as a certified International Corporate Etiquette and Protocol Consultant.

I want to teach everything I have learned in the past 36 years, along with the new skills that I have worked so hard to acquire, such as body language, event planning, leadership & management and communication & listening. I am qualified to teach everyone from young students to corporate America. I bring knowledge, humor and my personal stories to workshops, and I will tailor programs to fit your needs.

Please feel free to reach out to me. I love to learn more and share my knowledge - Let's swap stories!

We know etiquette training is critical to your personal and business success, and it’s our goal to help you achieve and manage it. Speak with wit and charm - PGE offers your organization the ability to learn and practice etiquette and protocol within a safe and fun environment.


I recently moved back to Shanghai, China. I lived in Shanghai for 6 years, moved to Tucson in 2016 and started I am now back in Shanghai. May 2018, working in international marketing and sales. I learned a lot about the Chinese culture and market over the years. Surprisingly, I also learned a ton about America.

Having a different perspective (basically a view from the other side) really opened up my mind to not only the world but America, my home. I became an avid traveler.

The more I traveled, the more I learned about people. I started to notice the differences. The good. The bad. From the minuscule to the obvious.

I've always shared my experiences with friends, family, and co-workers, and I often hear, "more people should know this". This is why I am here.

I have been trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington under Adrienne Barker, who I have collaborated with on many projects throughout the last few years. I am excited to share the knowledge.

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