Your guide to having an etiquette advantage in your business. Professional Global Etiquette offers specific training in business protocol and etiquette to companies and employees creating successful enterprises.


We offer the experience and knowledge of etiquette and business protocol through education, making sure your employees remain comfortable while enjoying the benefit of knowing how to handle themselves during business events.

Personalized Programs
We listen to your objectives and hear your goals while we create a personalized etiquette education plan. We know what works best - customized packages, not a packaged program. We are on your team, an extension of your business.

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With many offerings for various departments, we makes sure to complement your current and future activities. We teach etiquette and protocol for all practical situations, providing you not only knowledge but practice.

Free Consultation
Everyone should go through either a personal or business etiquette course, and we encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about our customized programs for both businesses, employees, and individuals.

We teach business etiquette and protocol for over 60 countries. If you are doing business in a foreign land, let us know where and we will give you all the information you need to succeed in that specific area.

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Fun and Interactive
We bring the information to you in a style filled with wit, charm and humor. We understand this can be a dry subject but with PGE you are guaranteed interactive and entertaining classes that make learning easy and fun!

Soft Skills Training
View the multitude of soft skills training programs we offer and learn more by doing.

We have experienced facilitators that plan specialized corporate retreats for business and organizations. Learn more about the benefits of a corporate retreat.

Join our seminars for the latest in business etiquette and protocol.