Adrienne Barker


Adrienne Barker has made it her mission to teach others what she has learned in the 35 years she has been in business. Adrienne has served as Corporate Vice President for her families business, Barker Specialty Company. She is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington receiving an International Protocol and Etiquette Certification. Adrienne is active and serves on a variety of boards and committees. Being part of three leadership programs have helped her lead, work and understand teams and how to play on the work playground.  

With four children, 35, 29, 23, three boys, and twelve-year-old daughter, Adrienne remained active and tuned into her children's life. Adrienne understands the dilemmas at work, all the triumphs, and frustrations. Getting along in the working classroom is a challenge. With three programs from the Protocol School of Washington and a variety of other owned workshop programs, Adrienne will customize a program for your employees.

Do you feel comfortable shaking hands, introducing others, dining with business associates or even networking?  Learn the tips from the pro!  It's time to call Adrienne and learn why knowing business etiquette increases sales and brings in more business.   

Make sure you also tune in to and listen to Adrienne's Ps and Qs.  A fun fast paced show on everyday etiquette and the dilemmas we experience. 

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