Managing Your Workplace Anxiety

Sep 17
How can I cope with my workplace anxiety? I am asked about this often, and it’s also part of a workshop that I offer for managers and employees. It makes sense as the workplace is where most people experience stress and anxiety. Here are a few notes from my workshop!   This workshop

Be Open and Honest: Business Focus on Leaders

Sep 13
  It may seem as if openness is the same thing as honesty, but there is a bit more to it. Being open is a two-fold characteristic. On the one hand, you want to be up front about your vision for your team, your plan for their success, and even,

Who needs business soft skills? It may just be you.

Sep 12
Why is business soft skills so necessary?   The meaning of Soft Skills can sometimes be difficult to describe. It can be that unique attribute or characteristic that facilitates excellent communication. It can be the special way that you show confidence in a challenging situation. These and other events can

Wanted: Ladies that Lead

Sep 07
  Did you know that women value accountability more highly than their male counterparts do?   Organizations with ladies in leadership positions tend to have cultures of personal and group accountability, and in general to foster honesty and transparency. Women’s focus on interpersonal relationships seems to encourage a sense of responsibility.

Selling During Sorrow

Aug 09
A lot of people have been asking us recently about selling during times of sorrow, times when the world has been flipped upside-down due to a tragic event. Presently, salespeople really have to understand the best ways to sell during times of tragic sorrow. Years ago, sellers did not hear

The Power Of Business Etiquette

Jul 22
  I recently wrote an article for PPAI Publications on global business etiquette and protocol. I gave a lot of great advice and tips on proper introductions, communications, handshakes (did you know in the Middle East handshakes should be limp with a lingering grip, with only a slight up and down

Good Conversationalist vs Good Communicator. There is a big difference.

Jul 08
  Behind every successful business is a strong communicator.  The top brass must understand that communication is needed for a business to operate at peak performance.  I think many people believe they are great at communication but in real life, there are many leaders of companies that are lacking the

Don’t create circles during networking events

May 11
I have a simple networking reminder that I wanted to share. My advice is for myself and for everyone that attends any events, and this is a sure-fire way to make sure that everyone can meet each other and feel comfortable.   It is paramount to check your intimate and

Want to learn how to be the tenth man in business?

Mar 06
I am asked this question almost daily.  What do I hope to accomplish with starting Professional Global Etiquette?   I think everyone needs to value themselves and their time and what they do in their life.  If you want to be successful, you should constantly be educating yourself and working

But a Mermaid Has No Tears, And Therefore She Suffers So Much More….Hans Christian Anderson

Mar 06
  When I think of Denmark I think of the beautiful mermaid statue in Copenhagen’s harbor named “The Little Mermaid”. It has been photographed more than other art and had at one point been blown off her granite stone, decapitated and had her right art cut off. Be sure to

Do you eat your mistakes in business?

Mar 03
Making mistakes is like cooking.  You are going to eat your slip up or throw it away or blame the oven or even the recipe.  I have found most people just won’t  admit they made a blunder.   I consider making a blooper and then accepting it as liberating.  Once

Putting the Fun in France with Business etiquette

Feb 17
France – where the French are lively and intelligent, so you need to learn tips on doing business in the French Republic.   During negotiations, French will want to express every possible objection and remember it is not necessary to respond to every statement. Share your opinions thoughtfully.   If

Create Climate of Respect On Line – Stay Positive

Feb 16
Yes, I am teased for living my life on Facebook and my love for social media.   Today I am addressing the naysayers in my life and explaining my reasoning behind the enjoyment of social media.  I also want to discuss creating climates of respect online. I am not that organized

Heading to Honduras. Here is information to know

Feb 16
Planning on doing business in Honduras? We are not suggesting you brag, but make sure that your team has a senior manager that has the best of the university degrees, achieved multi awards and is not so humble. It will be good to have this person or team stay in

Educated by Education

Feb 10
Inspirational message from the founder of PGE   I’m educated by the education I receive daily. Not just from my family members and the Professional Global Etiquette family, but by my competitors, suppliers, production staff and my clients. I am thrilled that so many people in my life offer me

Cultural Differences Between Monochronic vs. Polychronic

Feb 10
  There are two words that are probably not on the tip of your tongue, but they are crucial as to how we view time within cultures. I am talking the cultural differences between Monochronic vs. Polychronic.   Monochronic cultures like to do just one thing at a time. They

The Do’s and Don’ts of Doing Business in China

Feb 08
People’s Republic of China has a long list of do’s and don’ts. We will just give you a dumpling size taste of what to expect.   You must have patience because if you show you are under pressure the Chinese will be able to take your frustration and use it