5 Nonverbal Cues Every Boss Should Know – Guest Post by Dale Vernor

Feb 06
Being an employer is not easy. Some employees do not want to work, some do not do their jobs right, and some show up for a while, perform well at their jobs, but then quit without notice. Losing employees without notice can be devastating. Employees who leave can put businesses

7 Ways to Improve Employee Morale – Guest Post

Jan 10
7 Ways to Improve Employee Morale   Unless you take care of your employees, they will not work effectively and efficiently for you. This is just the honest truth. Employee burnout can occur very easily due to work conditions and unfair policies. If you are an employer or a manager,

Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace – Guest Blog Post

Dec 03
Guest Post from Dale Vernor: Dale is a writer and researcher in the field of mental health and substance abuse. Dale believes in writing about these topics to help raise awareness and reduce the stigma associated with them. Dale earned his Bachelor’s in Communication and has been writing for a


Jul 21
HOW TO ANSWER 12 OF THE TOUGHEST JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Interviews are perceived to be tough. But, are they really? Hiring managers use almost the same questions to judge the candidates. Knowing how to tackle these questions will make a lot of difference in your performance on the day of

Guest Post – Top Ten Rest and Relaxation Travel Destinations

Feb 19
Top 10 Rest and Relaxation Travel Destinations   Barbara Green Chief Editor of Sleep Titan What is your meaning of a relaxing holiday? For some, it’s lying back, drenching up the sun and disregarding life’s anxieties and strains. For others, it’s traveling to new destinations, while a few holidaymakers like to remain

Selling During Times of Sorrow

Sep 04
A lot of people have been asking about selling during times of sorrow, times when the world has been flipped upside-down due to a tragic event. Presently, salespeople have to understand the best ways to sell during periods of terrible sorrow. Years ago, sellers did not hear about bad news

Creative Constructive Criticism

Aug 11
Below is an excerpt from my workshop: Creative Constructive Criticism program. For more information see the information at the end of this article. Here are a few tips to consider when providing feedback to your employees. One aspect of delivering constructive criticism is in knowing the right time and opportunity

The Humanity in Tipping

Aug 03
I wrote this as a reminder to share with your high school and college age students. Though they are old enough to enjoy going out to eat with friends, many of them have not been taught the importance of tipping. Please take the time to have this conversation with your

Dont be a Lifeless Algorithm

Jul 29
Have you ever wondered how many people on your friend list or followers page aren’t… well… real people? It’s true – with the introduction of bots into social media platforms, it’s become challenging to discern the fake from the real. Bots are pieces of an algorithm designed to behave like

Let’s talk Politics – NOT

Jul 13
When should we talk about politics? Well, the answer is quite straightforward – whether it’s the coffee shop, workplace or the huge family get together in the backyard, discussing politics always finds a way of leading to arguments, sparking emotions and creating strife. Therefore, the short answer: never. In our

Video Conferencing Etiquette 101

Jul 12
Video Conferencing Etiquette Why are more and more businesses investing in video conferencing? The benefits of video conferencing are well known, and include: increased productivity; decreased travel time and costs; improved collaboration and better decision making; the ability to connect mobile workers and expand the remote workforce; the creation of

Negative Review Cause More Harm than Good

Jul 04
The Impact of Negative Reviews It is widely known that negative reviews can harm a business: but how many people realize the true extent of their actions on the company? With the greater accessibility of online platforms, many customers find it simple to vent their rage over a slight mishap

Assumptions are harmful in our business and personal life

Jun 24
Everyone makes assumptions, and they can range from broader thoughts to even the simplest of assumptions of the daily routine. In fact, they are so regular to human nature that people make hundreds of them in one day without even realizing it. Therefore, most of the decisions are based on

Beware of Branding Death While Intoxicated

Jun 18
It is easy to believe that your personal life is completely separate from your professional life. Your own brand, however, will intersect with your corporate brand, and the values of each need to reflect each other. Consider how the reputations of professionals are ruined by personal scandals. If your brand

The 7 situations of Difficult Customers

May 17
  Turning Difficult Customers Around Over time, you and your coworkers have probably developed some effective ways of dealing with challenges that come up in dealing with difficult customers. Sharing those ideas can benefit everyone. The seven situations of difficult customers (and suggested ways of dealing with them) are: You

Shaking hands…may actually be rocket science

May 16
Whether it’s through the firm shake of a hand or a long and proper salaam, there are plenty of ways to show respect and honor others. From the nerve-wracking interview room to a huge family get-together, the importance of showing respect is profound. For instance, let’s consider the simple gesture

Look for the IGen coming to your workplace soon!

May 02
Millennials – the world’s youngest generation of employees and the primary focus of businesses worldwide. Born between the years 1980 to the mid-1990s many companies are busy trying to understand this group of people who will soon rule our world; corporations are shaping their products, customs, and services to fit

Take your customers seriously – its not funny when you dont!

Apr 25
Addressing Complaints Customer complaints should be taken seriously and handled sensitively.  You can turn a negative situation into a positive by treating complaints as opportunities to show customers how much you care about providing exceptional service. Customer’s Bill of Rights: – To be taken seriously – To be listened to –

Why can’t I be on my phone during meetings?

Apr 24
Business etiquette isn’t just a simple list of rules and regulations – it’s the way in which employees are expected to behave in the workplace, the right things to say and do to create a healthy office environment. With the digital generation all set to enter the workforce, employers are

Calming your Job Interview anxiety – Guest Post

Apr 21
Calming Your Job Interview Anxiety All of us have experienced job interview anxiety. Perhaps we have a social phobia in general and abhor being the center of attention. Maybe we really want this job and are afraid we will flub answers to the most important questions from our potential bosses.