Assumptions are harmful in our business and personal life

Jun 24
Everyone makes assumptions, and they can range from broader thoughts to even the simplest of assumptions of the daily routine. In fact, they are so regular to human nature that people make hundreds of them in one day without even realizing it. Therefore, most of the decisions are based on

Beware of Branding Death While Intoxicated

Jun 18
It is easy to believe that your personal life is completely separate from your professional life. Your own brand, however, will intersect with your corporate brand, and the values of each need to reflect each other. Consider how the reputations of professionals are ruined by personal scandals. If your brand

The 7 situations of Difficult Customers

May 17
  Turning Difficult Customers Around Over time, you and your coworkers have probably developed some effective ways of dealing with challenges that come up in dealing with difficult customers. Sharing those ideas can benefit everyone. The seven situations of difficult customers (and suggested ways of dealing with them) are: You

Shaking hands…may actually be rocket science

May 16
Whether it’s through the firm shake of a hand or a long and proper salaam, there are plenty of ways to show respect and honor others. From the nerve-wracking interview room to a huge family get-together, the importance of showing respect is profound. For instance, let’s consider the simple gesture

Look for the IGen coming to your workplace soon!

May 02
Millennials – the world’s youngest generation of employees and the primary focus of businesses worldwide. Born between the years 1980 to the mid-1990s many companies are busy trying to understand this group of people who will soon rule our world; corporations are shaping their products, customs, and services to fit

Take your customers seriously – its not funny when you dont!

Apr 25
Addressing Complaints Customer complaints should be taken seriously and handled sensitively.  You can turn a negative situation into a positive by treating complaints as opportunities to show customers how much you care about providing exceptional service. Customer’s Bill of Rights: – To be taken seriously – To be listened to –

Why can’t I be on my phone during meetings?

Apr 24
Business etiquette isn’t just a simple list of rules and regulations – it’s the way in which employees are expected to behave in the workplace, the right things to say and do to create a healthy office environment. With the digital generation all set to enter the workforce, employers are

Calming your Job Interview anxiety – Guest Post

Apr 21
Calming Your Job Interview Anxiety All of us have experienced job interview anxiety. Perhaps we have a social phobia in general and abhor being the center of attention. Maybe we really want this job and are afraid we will flub answers to the most important questions from our potential bosses.

Customer Service when the Sale is Over

Apr 19
People who have been in business for a while know the value of return business. Experts believe that it costs at least five times more to attract new customers than it does to keep existing ones. If you think about the cost of advertising and salespeople, you can see why

Attract Millennials with Direct Mail

Apr 19
When you think of the term Millennial or Generation Z, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Similar to the majority of people out there, you are probably thinking along the lines of tech-savvy, social media dependent teenagers. When it comes to marketing, however, it appears that the digital

One Chart Combines All Dining Rules in Different Countries

Apr 17
Huffington Post – Suzy Strutner Did you know that in France, your bread belongs on the table and not on your plate? Or that asking for Parmesan cheese is a faux pas at dinner in Italy? In many countries, diners follow mealtime rules that might sound completely wonky to visitors.

Customer Service Etiquette – Addressing Customer Needs

Apr 16
Endeavors succeed or fail because of the people involved. Only by attracting the best people will you accomplish great deeds. – Colin Powell The next step, once you have identified customer needs, is to commit yourself to meeting them. But you can’t stop there. To provide exceptional service, you need

Four tips for 5 star customer service reviews

Mar 29
I gave this speech in my Toastmasters class and wanted to share this quick read. If you are in business, then you are in the business of customer service.   Everyone in a company, even if you are a one-man band, is responsible for providing efficient service that will contribute to

TRUE SUCCESS, Guest Blog by Anna Anderson

Mar 28
All of us aspire to success, to provide for and create the best possible future for our families. Sometimes our pursuit of these very things takes us further away from actually making them a reality. Because while working and getting ahead is a good thing, is it the only thing

Why I am part of The Big Giving – Join me

Mar 27
If you could give a gift to both yourself and your business, a gift that would reshape the way the two of you work together, a gift that would bring greater success from and joy within both you and your business, what would that gift be? Challenge yourself to answer

Open New Doors for Prospecting

Mar 22
Sales are contingent on the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect. – William Clement Stone In your business, how often does your sales force actually recruit new clients? I know some companies make it mandatory and other places leave it up to each salesperson. Are your

I am from suckerville – A Case Of Buyer’s Remorse.

Mar 14
I have been a salesperson my entire life. I grew up in the promotional product business and I have understood the importance of good customer service. As I grew older I knew to appreciate great service and how to handle poor service. Many of us show our gratitude for great

Proud to be a Business Partner with the following groups

Feb 26
We have invested in our local business community. We are members of the Tucson Metro Chamber, Better Business Bureau, Arizona Small Business Association, SHRM of Tucson, Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, NAWBO Tucson, SCORE, Rotary 5500 Old Pueblo and Toastmasters.    

Lessons from my mind – The Beginning

Feb 25
When I first started out in business I was fresh out of college and clueless. I really wanted to be a journalist but I did not think I had a choice in careers. I look back at what I have learned and believe that these tips can make all the

Inbound calls can turn into gold mine of sales

Feb 22
Tips for inbound new calls coming into your office to discuss placing order. These are my tips, but please add to them. I have over 35 years of experience in the promotional product industry but do believe that these tips work for most industries. These are refresher tips as we sometimes forget