Take your customers seriously – its not funny when you dont!

Addressing Complaints
Customer complaints should be taken seriously and handled sensitively.  You can turn a negative situation into a positive by treating complaints as opportunities to show customers how much you care about providing exceptional service.

Customer’s Bill of Rights:
– To be taken seriously
– To be listened to
– To be respected
– To receive a quick response

Customer Service With Grace
No business, no matter how big or small, likes to have customers complain about the service they have received or the product they have bought. It is upsetting to be the subject of a complaint, and no matter how impersonal it is, it still feels almost like a personal slight. The important thing in business is to respond to such a situation with the necessary level of grace.  Your goal is that the customer goes away raving about what a fabulous degree of customer service they have received in adversity, and promising to return when they next need a similar service.

Managing Mistakes
Mistakes happen in life and business, and so much of what we are about is shown by how we deal with the consequences of these errors. The situation which a customer is complaining about may not even have been your mistake, to begin with, but regardless of who made a mistake, taking ownership of it and dealing with a complaint in a gracious, helpful manner can turn an awkward situation into one which showcases the best of your abilities. There is, in many cases, a tendency to become defensive when someone is complaining – especially if they are doing so in a very forthright manner. Maintaining a professional tone at these times can be difficult, but managing to do it and solve the problem can showcase a positive side of you and the business.

Show Commitment To Helping Customers
Even if you think the issue about which the customer is complaining is trivial, not a cause for complaint, or not your company’s fault, it is wise to give the client their chance to speak, show that you take them seriously, and offer to do whatever you can. If the problem genuinely turns out to be something you can do nothing about – because of a difficulty with another company’s product or the customers understanding of the way the product should work – there may still be something you can do – by placing a telephone call or getting a technician to check out the problem. By showing a commitment to helping customers, you can win some valuable reputation points.

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