Calming your Job Interview anxiety – Guest Post

Calming Your Job Interview Anxiety
All of us have experienced job interview anxiety. Perhaps we have a social phobia in general and abhor being the center of attention. Maybe we really want this job and are afraid we will flub answers to the most important questions from our potential bosses.

No matter the cause of anxiety, here are some tips from U.S. News that you can employ in your interview preparation and execution arsenal:

1. Leave early for your interview.
You will want to ensure that you’re not late to your interview. Check traffic patterns in your area to see if there are any delays on your route. Plan to be at your interview site 10 to 15 minutes before the start of your interview. This will help to decrease your anxiety. You will be a little ahead of schedule but not so early that you will develop more anxiety by just sitting there in a lobby thinking of what could potentially go wrong.

2. Be mindful of first impressions, but don’t go overboard.
Wear clothing that is clean and fits you properly. Do your research beforehand to see what your potential workplace dress code includes. If it’s more blue collar, then perhaps wearing jeans is fine. If it’s a white-collar law firm, then you will want to wear something like a suit (for both men and women). Be polite, but don’t be fraudulent. Balance being yourself and making a good first impression.

3. Do your research.
You will not want to seem unprepared. Look at the company’s website to see their mission, works and more. Know who you will be speaking with during the interview. See if your professional and personal goals align with this company. Remember that an interview is a two-way conversation. Be engaged. The more engaged you are, the more you will forget about your interview anxiety and its nervous ticks.

4. Make sure to get some ZZZs.
Nothing will throw you off more and cause job interview anxiety like not getting enough rest the night before your interview. Try to get to sleep earlier than usual and don’t look at your phone or other devices at least one hour before bedtime. Take melatonin, if needed. Do what you can to ensure you have a solid night’s rest before your big day. Eat breakfast and exercise before your interview, too.

5. Practice your talking points.
The interviewer will likely ask you about your previous work experiences, strengths/weaknesses, what you do to unwind and more. Get some answers ready so you will have them at the top of your mind when you’re asked; however, be mindful of curveball questions. Be prepared for anything. When you are asked a difficult question, be sure to take deep breaths and answer the questions as accurately and professionally as possible. Also, bring a list of questions to ask during your interview. That way, you won’t feel stressed out and have to think of all of your questions on the fly.

6. Talk with someone.
If your interview anxiety is getting in the way of your preparation and other aspects of your life, talk about your stressors with someone close to you. You could also read advice or ask an online mental health professional for tips on how to curb interview anxiety. Reading blogs like Professional Global Etiquette can also help you feel more prepared.

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