Attract Millennials with Direct Mail

When you think of the term Millennial or Generation Z, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Similar to the majority of people out there, you are probably thinking along the lines of tech-savvy, social media dependent teenagers. When it comes to marketing, however, it appears that the digital generation is influenced by direct mail rather than digital online marketing techniques – surprising is not it?

Direct mail, that is, the physical distribution of mail, has been around for almost a century. Too many marketers it may not seem the best approach to grab the attention of their younger tech-obsessed audience – statistics, however, beg to differ. If you have not implemented the mailing system yet, take a look at these reasons why Gen Z likes snail mail – you will definitely change your mind.

Mail is entertaining: In our current age, getting mail, even if it is just for promotional purposes is a very exciting novelty. Millennials love to be entertained, and by sending useful publications, brands are successfully amusing them. Due to the rarity of the event occurring, people like to be surprised when a bright, colorful package is delivered to their homes! In a 2016 survey, many millennials have also reported at having opened their mail immediately after receiving it – it just goes to show how much the concept means to them.

It feels more personal: A large percentage of millennials confess that they enjoy receiving mail because it feels much more personal to them compared to the huge volumes of promotional emails they get.

Mail is reliable: Physical mail appears to be a lot more reliable to their receivers compared to other forms of advertising.

It is clear that the young generation has embraced direct mail with open arms – they look forward to it. Companies adopting the concept also benefit a great deal; for example, according to a recent survey conducted by members of Gen Z, 92% were directly influenced to make purchases because of colorful mail they received whereas only 78% were convinced by promotional email. Therefore, snail mail could be a fantastic method for companies who are targeting younger markets since it significantly boosts their sales.

Despite costs related to delivery and packaging, all in all, direct mail is firmly holding its stance as an attractive and viable means of advertisement. However, for it to work companies must keep a few things in mind:

Firstly, the mail sent, be it a brochure, pamphlet or monthly magazine, must be personalized. Millennials like it when you speak to them directly, and the friendly, relatable tone should come out clearly from the package. Also, needless to say, the publication itself should be colorful and attractive to look at – personally, I love looking at college prospectuses that arrive in my mail.

The act of turning the thick pages and looking through the mesmerizing images and content feels amazing. Finally, take care to maintain authenticity – a well-known brand that has created a good social standing for itself is much more likely to capture attention compared to a shady piece which people will not believe.

The benefits of direct mail are rapidly increasing day by day – based on the immense popularity of the concept amongst the people of Generation Z and Millennials, no doubt; companies will soon enlist mailing as their number one form of advertisement.

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