Why I am part of The Big Giving – Join me

If you could give a gift to both yourself and your business, a gift that would reshape the way the two of you work together, a gift that would bring greater success from and joy within both you and your business, what would that gift be?

Challenge yourself to answer that question – what would, what could that gift be? And what would it mean for both you and your business if you were able to open your arms and receive such a gift?

It can be tough for any of us to answer that question. For any ONE of us. Yet I have an answer for you: The Big Giving. Here’s a hint as to why I am so confident that The Big Giving is a great answer for you: because it is not my answer, it is OUR answer. This is the event for you and your business that is powered by WE.

The Big Giving is an exclusive 3-day interactive immersion experience for you and your business like no other, bringing connection, community, and collaboration together to build your business. Located in Monterey on California’s beautiful Central Coast, you will be working and interacting with a variety of experts before, during, and after the event to ensure that you and your business grow together with lasting, real, tangible results.

My friend and colleague, Mellissa Rempfer, has created a collaboration of experts to support you in what’s next for your business, and I’m excited to be sharing my expertise around [insert your topic here] at the event.

I know this retreat is going to create huge momentum in your business and you may just have the breakthrough or meet the partner or new client that catapults you to the next level.

So I have a question for you: are you ready for the next big step in your journey with your business? How about just a small one? The greatest journeys begin with small steps, but only you can begin that journey. Choose to start that journey today by learning all about how The Big Giving can make an impact for both your business and for you, today.

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  1. I am so excited, honoured, and did I mention excited that you are coming. Often times in business we don’t surround ourselves with people, resources, and the opportunities for us to grow. I love that The Big Giving is doing just this!!!!! See you soon.

    -Mellissa Rempfer

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