I am from suckerville – A Case Of Buyer’s Remorse.

I have been a salesperson my entire life. I grew up in the promotional product business and I have understood the importance of good customer service. As I grew older I knew to appreciate great service and how to handle poor service. Many of us show our gratitude for great service via a good tip, an old fashion note to the owner, use of the internet, word of mouth and loyalty. The opposite is true for bad service. We write a note, put the story on social media, talk badly of the company and never go back. But what if the problem with the service was that the salesperson was too good and sold me a bill of goods? This has happened to me, and not just once.

Really good salespeople get me every time. I was sold 3 bottles of anti-aging cream for a lot of money. He was good! Really really good! There were 2 guys and I am not even sure if I was part of a planned scheme at the Denver Airport. One man seemed to ignore me and the other man seemed to make up for coworker poor behavior. Now you may not know this, but I am a really nice person. Bordering Suckerville. When he asked if he could put the face cream on me, I said yes. When he told me how my face needed it, I believed him. When he talked about being Jewish, I was interested. When he told me the price, I freaked. He then offered discounts, and then immediately went on to show me more products. I realized my flight was boarding and I then got nervous. When he saw I was feeling rushed, he totaled the 3 bottles, and asked for my card! Truthfully, at that moment, I really believed the cream would make me look younger. I saw the changes in the mirror when he tested it on me. Ricky Martin just bought the same set – so doesn’t it seem only right that I deserve it too?

The minute I stepped out of the kiosk, I had buyers remorse. The flight was miserable because all I could think about was the money I spent. I am a smart business woman so of course I appreciate how great he was in selling me the products. BUT….on the other hand, I disliked him for selling me the products. He made me upset that I spent money I had not planned to spend. The rushed feeling of being at the airport and his being too darn good of a salesperson were deadly to my wallet. I am still battling my anger with him because I should not have believed all the things he was saying. On the other hand, I am really enjoying the cream. I use it all the time because if I dont then I really wasted my money. I have this love/hate feeling with the product, the salesman and myself.

I am starting to present workshops on Customer Service because it has been the fabric of my entire life. I am a strong believer in good customer service appreciation. Almost 99% of the time, I am showing my gratitude by posting 5 star reviews on many social media platforms. Last year I gave about 300 reviews and the majority were positive. But this idea of being too good a salesperson and his customer service in handling me was very good. The combination felt deadly. Though, I bet his company is thrilled with his sales. I would even assume that they would not care what I think or feel. He did nothing wrong.

This is on me. I can appreciate a great salesperson when I am ready to buy something and I then set out to purchase the product. The question is can I appreciate a salesperson that is so good they make me mad at myself? Am I alone or has this happened to you? Please share

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