Four tips for 5 star customer service reviews

I gave this speech in my Toastmasters class and wanted to share this quick read.

If you are in business, then you are in the business of customer service.   Everyone in a company, even if you are a one-man band, is responsible for providing efficient service that will contribute to success and profits for the company.   The differences between effective and ineffective service is a matter of sensitivity, sincerity, attitude and human relations skills.  The good news is that these skills can be learned.  It is important to have the following:  positive attitude, cheerful outlook, enjoy people, like putting customers on center state, high energy, fast pace, flexible and enjoy new demands and experiences and can allow customers to be right even when not.   If you tend to be depressed, angry, like to work alone or with items, need to be the center of attention, works at a relaxed pace, no care about the client likes everything predictable and orderly and you want others to know you are right will lead to service failures.   Let’s talk about how we can turn this around with just a character adjustment.

Customer Service has two parts, the procedural and personal.  It is important to have established systems and protocol to deliver the products and service.  On the personal side, it is how your people interact with the customers.   Let’s talk about the personal side of customer service.

First, understand that attitude is a state of mind influenced by feelings, thoughts, and actions.  The saying, the attitude you send out is the attitude you get back is correct.   The first step is to send a positive attitude to others.  Remember that every time you work with the client, you are on the big stage, and need to act just as if you were an actor.   You need to check any poor attitude at the door and work on being positive.  The first step is to make sure your appearance matches your positive personality.  You never get a second chance to make a first positive first impression.  Keep in mind your hairstyle, personal cleanliness habits, clothing and jewelry, neatness and general grooming.

Next is your body language and my advice is to hold your head high and steady, make sure your arms move in a natural and unaffected manner.  Are your facial muscles relaxed and under control and do you find it easy to maintain a natural smile?  How is your eye contact?

Another important part of your attitude is the sound of your voice.  Remember the tone of your voice, or how you say something is more important than the words you use.

When you are using the telephone, your positive attitude must come through the phone.  The adage to put a smile on your face is one that works, and the client can feel your smile through the phone.

Another important part is to stay energized. The realities of customer service are the exertion of emotional labor.  It does take its toll.  Make sure that you are energized and can charge your batteries when needed.  Never take out the fact you are tired on the client. Also, don’t talk about being tired and working too hard when on the job.

Remember that a positive attitude is nothing more than really liking your job and allowing your actions and words to broadcast this enjoyment to your customers, supervisors and fellow employees.  Make sure you have the right mindset and make this part of customer service necessary. This is just 4 steps in customer service.   Even these simple tips will help you score 5-star reviews.

Picture Created by Haylee  – BBB Southern AZ

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